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The Preventive System of Don Bosco is a pedagogical method characterized by:

  1. The wish to be with the young sharing their life, looking with love at their world, getting to their real experiences and values,

  2. The preventive reason which believes in the strength of the good is already present in every youngster, even the neediest, and which seeks to develop this through positive experiences,

  3. The importance of reason which becomes fairness of requests and rules, flexibility and expression in proposals, and of religion understood as developing the sense of God present in every person and the power of Christian evangelization, and of loving-kindness expressed as an educative love that allows growth and brings about a meeting of minds and hearts,

  4. A positive environment with personal relationships, made livelier by the loving and trustworthy presence of educators and one which is also active, energizing and life-giving,

  5. With a style of energy that believes in the positive resources of the young. 


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