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From the Principal’s Desk

Fr. Charlin Chandran

Welcome Dear Students and Parents to the New Academic Year, 2021-22.

As we continue to grapple with the unprecedented crisis created by the pandemic, I wish to express my solidarity with you and your family. 

While last year’s challenge in the field of education continues, we at Don Bosco Academy have embraced technology and new skillsets to maintain the basic fabric of education. We continue to impart quality education to our students with the help of remote classrooms and blended learning.

Along with the school, the new environment has emphasized the important role of the ‘parent educator’ in the education process. We have received great support from our dear parents during the pandemic and we look forward to the same in future.

I sincerely request all stakeholders to join hands to create an environment where the psychological, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs of our children are met. We need to support and help all our students achieve their dreams and find success in pursuing life goals.

I am also very proud of my student and teachers for adapting to the changing times. Let us together see learning opportunities in every challenge ahead of us!

May Saint Don Bosco be our inspiration, guide, and mentor in this noble venture.

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